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Whether you're a working professional or artist, you understand the importance of having the best audio/visual equipment possible, in the best condition. It's about catching the moment perfectly, about preserving memories at the highest quality and being able to transfer them with the minimal amount of loss.

You have a partner in your quest for the best experience from all of your equipment. When choosing from retailers, it's important that you choose to buy from experts. Work with and purchase from retailers who can tell you everything about the equipment you're using—who can help you get the specs you need to make the right decisions, and calibrate them so that they operate at their peak performance.

Choose a well-stocked audio visual retailer with a selection that includes all of the top models. Experienced techs can explain the differences and advantages of each one.

The best doesn't have to mean brand new. Reliable manufacturers have created legendary models that are still prized and sought by professionals and collectors today. Ask an experienced AV tech about used parts that may offer you better quality along with a cheaper price tag. Even those old models built with sturdier parts can be had at great discounts over new hardware.

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